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I haven't posted in ages! Let's see, not much has happened lately. Not with me, anyway. Hiei and his little friends have been running off doing gods know what while the territory goes to hell, but hey. Kids, what can I say? Of course, all bad kids get punished, don't they? Just this once, Hiei, I'll give you a running start. And boy, you'll need it. Isn't it wonderful? They've even got Yukina into the game! Priceless. Humans are so cute. I feel the need to get to know Shizuru better - she seems interesting.

But after all the fun is over, that damn fire demon had better get his ass back here. Why, of all the potential-heirs out there, did I have to get THIS one? I feel like all I do in my journal is bitch him out...

Oh, no wait. I trained with Kirin a bit today. Ha. No Hiei involved. ...Although it WOULD have been with Hiei had he actually BEEN here like he was SUPPOSED to be. Damnit.
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