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I feel vaguely evil

So. Hiei's got a girlfriend. Or... boyfriend? O.o ...Ehh. Kinda multiple lovers. He's in denial, though.


We got some new friends, too. They never actually let us know if they were humans or demons, but they seemed to know Raizen, Hiei and Kurama pretty well, so... At least they're familiar with the Makai. Insane people, too. Fun. I kind of feel bad for Hiei (*laugh* That's a good one), though. They were torturing the poor boy. Yuusuke, too, but not as much. I could hear Hiei yelling at his computer from all the way down the hall. O.o He really didn't need to shout out each one of his responses at the top of his lungs. But hey, whatever makes you happy.

Gods, the little LJ-chat went on a rampage through two journals. O.o That's nuts. Left Yuusuke's somewhere in the seventies as far as comments go. Hiei's somewhere in the fifties, if I remember correctly.

*waits patiently for the rest of the Urameshi gang to find the journals* ... *snicker*
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