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Mukuro's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Ye gods... [28 Nov 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Yet again, my computer has proven what a worhtless piece of c**p it really is. I had to temporarily take over Hiei's just to update this. It's a trying thing.. so much work to be done and a modem to replace... well, perhaps when I get to replacing this modem, I might be able to get the rest of my work done. For now... paperwork...

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... [20 Sep 2003|12:13am]
[ mood | restless ]

As everyone seems to be taking this test...

Borderline:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

Borderline... well, maybe. I am prone to sudden mood swings. Now what am I doing online at such a late hour? Merely trying to find peace and quiet after all that work tonight. Nothing is ever finished here, I have to say.

Wonderful... Shigure's awake... now he's going to start lecturing me about staying up too late... mou... he treats me like a child... disturbing...
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Goodness gracious... [14 Sep 2003|06:02pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

By the gods...this is disturbing... Hiei, what do you think about it? Do we seem that close that some nigens actually consider us... *ahem* lovers? Reikai forbid.
It's also nice to hear you're finally getting back here, dear boy. It's been rather...quiet.. here without you.
(And here I go again using too many elipses)

I simply had to put that link in there. I don't know why. I just had to...

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Too much free time.... [12 Sep 2003|10:26pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Of all the things to suddenly filter in...ningen music...and rock yet. From having too much to do all of a sudden to having absolutely nothing to do. Go figure.
Shigure had me finishing the last of a few documents earlier this morning. Of course, nothing I could handle in a couple of hours. Typical of me.
Decided to do some light reading afterward. With Hiei still gone, I really have no need to send guards out every few minutes to douse some sudden freak fires.
Perhaps I should get Yomi to read this... "The Prince" by Machiavelli... quite an insightful read...

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Patience is a virtue... [08 Sep 2003|04:16pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I have just gone through a long day of paperwork and not to mention passing a new decree (gods...even more paperwork...joy.... I was looking forward to at least an hour or two of relaxing when all of a sudden, Hiei suddenly leaves me that little note.

The things I do... perhaps I should just relax... yes, as I said, patience truly is a virtue and by far, I would believe it would have to be my strongest point.

Perhaps I'll feel better after a bath and a cup of tea... *sharp breath*

Minor note: Well, at least Raizen's boy is back where he is. That's a bit of a load off my mind.

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A revival.... [06 Sep 2003|01:23pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

After so long, I finally got the time to bring this journal back to what it really is.

As for recent news, there really isn't much to update on, save the fact that Hiei still hasn't returned. If and when he does... I don't know if I will have to stop myself from strangling him.

He should know that there are more responsibilities tied up with his position...but perhaps he's forgotten about that already. There's really nothing I can do to get the poor boy back here where he belongs.

It's hard to tame a koorime...

Especially when they come as stubborn as he does...

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Raizen's boy's where? [12 Jun 2003|08:57pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Heard the news about Yuusuke, sounds horrible. Really. But Raizen? You might want to try a different approach to the problem.

Found Raizen today in my territory ... 'sniffing' Yuusuke out, I suppose is the best way to phrase it. And he was leaving quite the path of destruction in his wake, I might add.

I confronted him about that.

Raizen's asleep in my fortress, now. He said he's been reading up on the journals lately and Yuusuke's in captivity, before he was knocked out. ...Hey, someone had to do it. He was rampaging through my territory. Anyway, I decided to check up on the journals as well. Seems quite a lot's happened while I was ignoring them. I was wondering where Hiei'd run off to...

Raizen, when you wake up, you'd better read this. Sorry I had to knock you out, but next time you feel the need to save someone, try and not kill everything in your path in the process. It could easily make matters worse.

I think I see Hiei and those girls approaching. Good.

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[09 May 2003|10:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I haven't posted in ages! Let's see, not much has happened lately. Not with me, anyway. Hiei and his little friends have been running off doing gods know what while the territory goes to hell, but hey. Kids, what can I say? Of course, all bad kids get punished, don't they? Just this once, Hiei, I'll give you a running start. And boy, you'll need it. Isn't it wonderful? They've even got Yukina into the game! Priceless. Humans are so cute. I feel the need to get to know Shizuru better - she seems interesting.

But after all the fun is over, that damn fire demon had better get his ass back here. Why, of all the potential-heirs out there, did I have to get THIS one? I feel like all I do in my journal is bitch him out...

Oh, no wait. I trained with Kirin a bit today. Ha. No Hiei involved. ...Although it WOULD have been with Hiei had he actually BEEN here like he was SUPPOSED to be. Damnit.

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I will KILL him... [05 Jan 2003|12:59pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I hate him. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

And his friends. I hate them a lot, too.

Hiei, you have GOT to stop running off with your friends like that. A party is, sadly, not more important than aiding in the ruling of 1/3 of the Makai. I'm sorry, it just isn't.

Come back here. Right now. Half of the guys are on the verge of finding and killing you (Well, surprisingly not seriously. They just don't want to do your make-up work). You're on a schedule, and you have a job. You need to start taking things more seriously.

Do you have any idea how much you humiliated me when you left? We were in the middle of a meeting, and you just allowed your friends to run in and smuggle you off to some party! I'm supposed to be a Lord and I can't even keep my heir in line. How is that going to look, hm? Not only do I have poor leading skills, but I have bad taste in heirs as well! Is that what you want people to be saying? Of course, you wouldn't care. It wouldn't be your head, now would it?

Get back here now. Forget about your next vacation. You've been skipping enough to fill TWO vacations. Bastard.

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I feel vaguely evil [18 Nov 2002|08:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So. Hiei's got a girlfriend. Or... boyfriend? O.o ...Ehh. Kinda multiple lovers. He's in denial, though.


We got some new friends, too. They never actually let us know if they were humans or demons, but they seemed to know Raizen, Hiei and Kurama pretty well, so... At least they're familiar with the Makai. Insane people, too. Fun. I kind of feel bad for Hiei (*laugh* That's a good one), though. They were torturing the poor boy. Yuusuke, too, but not as much. I could hear Hiei yelling at his computer from all the way down the hall. O.o He really didn't need to shout out each one of his responses at the top of his lungs. But hey, whatever makes you happy.

Gods, the little LJ-chat went on a rampage through two journals. O.o That's nuts. Left Yuusuke's somewhere in the seventies as far as comments go. Hiei's somewhere in the fifties, if I remember correctly.

*waits patiently for the rest of the Urameshi gang to find the journals* ... *snicker*

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[18 Nov 2002|03:15pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

*friends only*

Gods... I'm so stressed out right now. I'm going to make this post friends only - I don't want to share any vulnerabilities with the public.

All of this Reikai-mess crap is getting to me. There's so much work I need to do to help fix this. It's not even my responsibility, really. Or maybe it is, because I'm a Lord. I get responsibilities I shouldn't be receiving.

Really, I don't mind random jobs that need to be done. Half the time my men will take them up for me, anyway. But having dead people wandering around like this is... wrong, really. If you're dead, you're dead. Live (Can I say 'live' with this matter?) with it. Everyone dies, you're not supposed to have second chances. Although, lately, I've begun to question that... Shigure and Yuusuke each received two chances. Hiei and the recently revived demons got second chances, too. (Although, Shigure and Hiei's second chances were my fault, really) Do I get one?

This isn't supposed to happen.

People can say that sentence about things they don't want to happen. They do a lot, in fact. But in this case it really isn't supposed to happen. And it's bothering me, now. I haven't really let anyone see how bothered I am by this. Sometimes I want to, but no, I can't.

Hiei, you can read this. You bothered at all? You tend not to mention if you're uncomfortable, I know. But really, I want to make sure I'm not the only person not okay with it. A lot of people are treating it like it's just another problem, and it really isn't. Or, I don't think it is.

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Raizen [14 Nov 2002|05:41pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

So. Raizen's back. Just thought I'd make a note of that.

...Does this mean the trade route's off, or...?

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Crap. [02 Nov 2002|11:14am]
[ mood | distressed ]

...Crap. This doesn't sound good.

Oh, hi Shigure!... ~_~#

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[29 Oct 2002|08:09pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Crap... I think Hiei's pissed and it's, somehow, my fault. For a few days he was quieter than usual (I think it was the girls arriving, or something) then all of the sudden he's got a storm cloud over his head. Well... he usually does, but a bigger one. With lightning.

Actually, he usually has the lightning too... Well, you know what I mean. Maybe you could add a little twister into the cloud, or... I dunno, make it a hurricane? Ehh.

He keeps mumbling weird stuff, too. "Curse-curse-sister-curse-curse-moron-curse-curse-die-curse-curse". It sort of goes on like that for a while... I'm usually involved too. ~_~ What did I say? Do I have anything to do with his idiocy and his sister? No.

At least I hope not... O.o Well, anyway... Right. Just a random rant about my current situation.

Good gods! >.<# Hiei keeps walking by my room with this death-glare he keeps shooting at me. It's disturbing...

Apparently, whatever he's pissed about, it's definitely my fault. (So why does he keep dissing himself?) ...Men. Maybe I'll invite him to train with me and I can figure out his issue - and get him to let off some steam. Huh.

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I've got a headache [23 Oct 2002|07:52pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

~_~ *sigh*

Two girls got picked up today. For some reason or another. One Hiei... er... "knows." But I don't get why the human one's here (Yuusuke's girlfrind? O.o). Much less how she managed to survive. Lucky woman, I guess.

We've got to call Yuusuke over, now, or go to him. His human really wants to see him. I'd call it something along the lines of sweet, but I've got too much of a headache to appreciate it right now...

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[19 Oct 2002|10:16pm]
[ mood | drained ]

We arrived back in my territory. A while ago, actually. A few days? *shrug*

And Kirin seems proud. Hiei informed him Yuusuke's computer hasn't blown up. I'm not sure if it's good that Kirin's feeling proud, or bad... Eh...

*points up* Look at my little mood icons. ^__^ I've had them, obviously, since I got this thing, but... *shrug* I dunno, I just noticed they kinda resemble Hiei. You know, when he's all green and with the more-than-the-average-eye-amount. Well... He usually has more than the average eye amou--... When he's got more than three eyes. There. Majin. Yeah.

I wonder if Hiei's going to try and kill me for that comment. Hm.

Ugh... I've been so sleepy lately, it's crazy. Then again, traveling always leaves me tired... ~_~ Right. I'm going to recline now.

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Yuusuke [14 Oct 2002|01:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, we arrived at Yuusuke's kingdom today. Took long enough... We kicked Kirin out and he's up there working on hooking Yuusuke up with a better connection. I'll never get how that guy learned so much about computers, but... well, we need SOMEONE to know about 'em, right? Kirin's so useful. ^_^ Good boy.

Well... right about now, Hiei and I are in some room waiting for the paperwork for this whole deal to roll in. I've been trying to figure out my whole ride here whether this new Lord is very generous or a total idiot. Either way, I benefit. ^_~

Okay, update over. Hiei's bugging me to play Jan Ken Pon with him - whatever THAT is.

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Trade Route [12 Oct 2002|03:11pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I just traded the new Lord of Raizen's old territory some computer service for a trade route. *blinks* This diplomacy stuff is so easy... Of course, now I need to fill out all this paperwork >.<# Maybe I'll trick Hiei into doing it, again. Wait, then it might have Hiei's signature and not mine... Ehh... I'll figure it out.

Well, I feel like I did my day's work now. Whoo, new trade route. This could be very good.

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Ugh... [11 Oct 2002|09:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Ugh... I'm ready to sack out right about now. ~_~ Trained with Hiei this morning, then he went and dragged me out on a walk with him right after that. Now Kirin's bugging me with all this crap paperwork and my computer crashed (I stole Hiei's. Heh.) and this one's got the slowest connection I've ever seen - which doesn't help in letting me get what needs to be done finished with any sooner. *sigh*

I'm usually not so lazy, but this week's been far too long for its own good (for more reasons than one) and that big cushion I see in the other room is so inviting... Mou... ~_~

Okay, Kirin's nagging is getting to me, now. I'll go finish up the paper work...

Or maybe I'll dump it on Hiei's desk. ^_~

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[09 Oct 2002|03:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hiei begs to be teased - really, he does. I'm happy to oblige.

Hiei went to a Shishiwakamaru Fanclub page.

Ok, so there's more to the story than just that... It was a LJ - not a fanpage like I made it sound like. It seems this 'Rin Kawa' girl has been bugging him to death about some silly fanpairing. It must've said in his Info Page that Rin Kawa was listed in his 'Friends Of:' section, or something. He claims he went because you need to "know your enemies."


She's a little fangirl... Not his enemy.

I just find this whole situation highly entertaining.

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