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Raizen's boy's where?

Heard the news about Yuusuke, sounds horrible. Really. But Raizen? You might want to try a different approach to the problem.

Found Raizen today in my territory ... 'sniffing' Yuusuke out, I suppose is the best way to phrase it. And he was leaving quite the path of destruction in his wake, I might add.

I confronted him about that.

Raizen's asleep in my fortress, now. He said he's been reading up on the journals lately and Yuusuke's in captivity, before he was knocked out. ...Hey, someone had to do it. He was rampaging through my territory. Anyway, I decided to check up on the journals as well. Seems quite a lot's happened while I was ignoring them. I was wondering where Hiei'd run off to...

Raizen, when you wake up, you'd better read this. Sorry I had to knock you out, but next time you feel the need to save someone, try and not kill everything in your path in the process. It could easily make matters worse.

I think I see Hiei and those girls approaching. Good.
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