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Ugh... I'm ready to sack out right about now. ~_~ Trained with Hiei this morning, then he went and dragged me out on a walk with him right after that. Now Kirin's bugging me with all this crap paperwork and my computer crashed (I stole Hiei's. Heh.) and this one's got the slowest connection I've ever seen - which doesn't help in letting me get what needs to be done finished with any sooner. *sigh*

I'm usually not so lazy, but this week's been far too long for its own good (for more reasons than one) and that big cushion I see in the other room is so inviting... Mou... ~_~

Okay, Kirin's nagging is getting to me, now. I'll go finish up the paper work...

Or maybe I'll dump it on Hiei's desk. ^_~
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